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Answers To Commonly Asked Chiropractic Online Continuing Ed Questions


Technical Support 

Getting Started with CCEDSEMINARS

How Do I register with your site?
How Do I Select Courses Approved For My State?

My Certificate of Completion

What validates my certificate of completion?

Online Course Notes

Where can I find the notes for the online courses

Using Ipad/Iphone/Itouch with our website

Can I use an Ipad/Iphone/Itouch to take an online Webinar or Course?

Using Android Phones with our website

Can I use an Android device to take a Webinar or online course?

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What do I do if I need technical support for online chiropractic CEU or Chiropractic webinar? 

Click on the Contact Us link located in the top navigation bar. Fill out the form that comes up and we will provide a timely response. We constantly monitor our support queue and will respond as quickly as possible. If you are in a Webinar please call 903 243 3372 Or 903 348 5110 for technical support.

Be sure to include your name, phone number, and the specifics to the problem. If you are having problems with a particular recorded course, be sure to note which course it is and what section of the chiropractic course you are on.

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How do I register with your site?

It takes just a few simple steps, click the link in the top right for 'Register' to begin:
- Your email is your username.
- Choose a password of your choice.
- If you forget click on the link and your login information will be emailed to you.

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How do I select chiropractic online courses approved for my State?

Click the "State Guidelines" link. Then Click on your state. You will see a complete list of courses. 

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What validates my certificate of completion?

Your certificate of completion is considered valid when:

  • You have been logged into the webinar presentation, through adobe connect with your first and last name, for its entirety. 
  • You have actively participated in the presentation.

Our webinars are monitored by a live moderator who tracks attendance and participation.

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Can I use an Ipad/Iphone/Itouch to take a chiropractic webinars?

Using an Ipad/Iphone/Itouch to take a Webinar:

You will need to download a free app to participate in the Webinar using an Ipad/Iphone/Itouch

Go to app store and enter: adobe connect mobile (free) – the current version is Adobe Connect Mobile

Do not open the app. Open your web browser, and then login to your account at Scroll down to the webinar link in your account. Click on the webinar. A pop up from adobe connect will come up asking you to download Adobe Connect or Open Adobe Connect. You will need to click Open Adobe Connect. The Adobe Connect mobile app will automatically open on its own with the Meeting URL already entered into the black space. From there you can enter the meeting room.

Select “Enter as Guest”. Type in your first and last name, then click enter. You will check "Listen Only" mode, as you will not have an open mic and will be contributing verbally via the chat bar.

In the upper left corner, there are four icons:

  1. The first one is square the main view we recommend using for the Webinar
  2. The second one is a circle and provides a full screen view of the presentation pod
  3. The third one is a page view – we don't recommend using this one.
  4. Question icon – this opens a chat window with moderator.

IMPORTANT – when a polling question is announced and brought up in the meeting room, a fifth icon appears (a tilted square with a check). YOU MUST CLICK ON THIS ICON in order to answer the required polling question.

If a video is played, you will see “tap to view” on your screen. Please tap so the video will play. After the video closes, you may need to click on the first icon on the left to return to the PowerPoint.

If you want the file share file(s) for the Webinar, you will need to provide your email address to the moderator in the chat pod

Can I use a Mobile Device to take an online course?

Answer: Yes. Our online recorded classes are viewable on Mobile Devices (iPad, iPhone, Androids, and Tablets).

You should not need to purchase or download any special applications to view our online courses on your mobile device.

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Can I use an Android phone to take a chiropractic webinar?


Android Webinar Instructions
Go to Google Play Store and search for Adobe Connect Mobile App. Install this Free App

After installation, the system may prompt you that you need Adobe Air – Install this free App as well (this is a background App – there won't be an icon for it) Click on the icon for the Connect App. You will need the Meeting URL. This changes each time and you should receive it 24 hours before the Webinar. If you do not receive the link check your spam or please visit and click on the Contact Us link to request the URL. Enter the meeting URL and click next. Click the option for GUEST and put your name in – please type Dr. (your last name) and click Enter. The Meeting Room will open and you will see the four meeting room pods. The top left pod says "unsupported content". This is the only pod that does not work – you can email us a request and we will send you the downloadable file by email. To the left of the meeting room are four small icons.

  1. The first one is square - this brings you back to this main meeting room view II.
  2. The second one is a circle - this maximizes the large center pod that is the powerpoint presentation III.
  3. The third one looks like a piece of paper with a folded corner – this is inactive IV.
  4. The fourth one is a question mark in a circle – this opens the Q & A chat with the moderator – once you click on it, put the cursor in the long white box at the bottom, type your question and use the left pointed arrow in the lower right corner of the onscreen keyboard to send the comment. Click done to return to the Q & A screen, and then the first icon to return to the meeting room. When the instructor brings up the polling question, it will appear on the screen. At this point, a fifth icon appears on the left (a tilted page with a check in it). You MUST click on that icon when the polling question appears. This will maximize the polling questions so you can see the whole thing as well as allowing you to answer it. Select your answer by clicking on the circle to the left of the answer, then click on the first icon to return to the meeting room view. Your response has been recorded.

Where can I find the notes for the online courses?

Answer: While viewing the video of the online course in Vimeo, scroll down to the video description. There you will find the link(s) for the course’s notes.

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