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Posted on Dec 13, 2016

Register for this evening's Chiropractic Pediatrics class with Dr. Tracy Wilson.

Tonight, Thursday, December 13th from 7:00-9:00 PM Central Time Dr. T.D. Wilson will present "Pediatrics 302: Key Neurological Pearls for Family Practice"

12/13/16 7-9 PM CT...
Topic: Pediatrics 302: 3 Key Neurological Pearls for Family Practice
Credit Hours: 2
Instructor: Dr. T.D. Wilson, DC
Course Description: Take a deeper dive into the anatomy of the spine, and learn 3 valuable neurological tests that apply to pediatric and family chiropractic. Also learn what outcomes to expect following corrective spinal adjustments.
Course Outline:
Review cervical anatomy and proprioception
Review and look in function of thalamus
Overview central integrated state of thalamus and how chiropractic adjustments affect the CIS
Review how HRV can be a window into the function of the ANS
Learning Objectives:
Demonstrate deeper understanding of the anatomy of the spine
Explain 3 valuable neurological tests that apply to pediatric and family chiropractic
Discuss what outcomes to expect following corrective spinal adjustments and their effects on the CIS of thalamus
Illustrate how HRV is valuable in determining dysfunction in the ANS and how chiropractic adjustment done specifically can restore balance in a stressed system

Tracy Wilson, DC received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Parker University in 1996. He is a graduate of Eastern New Mexico University with a degree in biology. He has completed numerous post graduate courses in chiropractic pediatrics, has CLM Wellness certification and AMIT certification. He started practicing in Lovington, NM under the guidance of his mentor Dr. D.E. Atchley. Dr. Wilson is an Ambassador for the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance, through which he has been privileged to take part in utilizing the most state of the art technology, The Creating Wellness System. Beyond practice, Dr. Wilson is a nationally sought after lecturer and motivational speaker. He speaks regularly at Parker Chiropractic College and other State organizations teaching continuing education in Pediatrics, Family Practice, and Communication. He also is the author of "Understanding Personalities in Practice Manual" specifically for Doctors of Chiropractic to become better communicators with their patients. Dr. Wilson also takes care of the Texas Tech Football team and has traveled with the team to the last 7 bowl games. Dr. Wilson is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, and Texas Chiropractic Association. Dr. Wilson is the father of three beautiful girls, Summer, Kaylee, and Holly. Along with spending time with his daughters, he enjoys running marathons, half marathons, and triathlons.

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