Tomorrow Evening's Webinar

Posted on May 10, 2017

Do not miss out on Tomorrow Evening's Pediatrics Webinar with Dr. Heather Bryce

05/11/17 7-9 PM CT
Topic: Pediatrics 306: Pediatric Infant Palpation
Credit Hours: 2...
Instructor: Heather Bryce, DC

Course Description: This course discusses introducing pediatrics to any practice, but would also be useful to the veteran pediatrics practitioner. Instructive videos on infant palpation demonstrate a seven month old as the satisfied patient. The course emphasizes the attitudes and care that would ensure the happy inclusion of children to any practice.

Course Outline:
-The Chiropractic clinic and adding infants to practice
Palpating the infant skull
Special considerations working with infants – rules to live by
Palpating the infant atlas
--Infant Reflexes – leaving newborn reflexes behind
Palpating the infant cervical curve
Palpating the infant thoracic curve
-Infant Development – learning to crawl
Palpating the infant lumbar curve

Course Objectives:
-Illustrate pediatrics special considerations
-Demonstrate how to get comfortable with infants
-Explain how to successfully and comfortably palpate infants
-Discuss basic pediatrics development

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