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Posted on May 15, 2015

This next week Ccedseminars is proud to present:

Tuesday May 19th, from 7:00-9:00 PM CT Dr. Michael Hall will be presenting "Neurology 304: Functional Neurology - Clinical Aspects of the Pyramidal Man"
 Course Description: The pyramidal presentation is one of great interest to the chiropractor. The brain has a natural function in reducing tone of the ipsilateral flexor musculature via descending pathways and the ponto-medullary reticular formation. This presentation will reveal clinical tests and procedures to evaluate the pyramidal presentation. Knowing this information can aid the chiropractor in providing appropriate care to optimize patient outcomes and removing neurological interference.

Course Outline:
 1.Pyramidal Presentation 1.Head Tilt
 2.Upper Extremity 1.Brain versus Limb

3.Lower Extremity 1.Toe In
 2.Toe Out

 2.Brain Regulation of Flexor Tone 1.Neurodevelopmental
 2.Caudal Ponto-Medullary Reticular Formation
 3.Rostral – Caudal Order

3.What to do with the information? 1.Which side of the brain is likely to be dysfunctioning
 2.Pyramidal Weakness, Pronator Drift
 3.Forearm Roll, Finger Roll, Extensor Hallicus
 4.Pre and Post Adjustment Considerations

Thursday May 21st, from 7:00-9:00 PM CT Dr. Donald Ozello will be presenting "Sports Injuries 301: The Foot"

Sports Injuries 301: The Foot

2 Hours
•Sports Injuries: Examination, Treatment, & Prevention

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