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Posted on Mar 06, 2015


Make your Weekend Plan be to Complete Your Continuing Education with us at!

Use CCEDSEMINARS to get the required hours that you need through 2 hour Webinars and Online Classes.

Saturday, 03/07/15 9:00-11:00 AM CT Dr. Wesley Duval, DC, DACBR will be presenting "Radiology 303: Degenerative Joint Conditions of the Spine & Extremities"

This webinar will cover the basics of joint degeneration of the spine and extremities so that the practicing chiropractor will know how to identify it when they see it and how to differentially diagnose it from other conditions that present with overlapping radiographic signs.

1) Intro to Degenerative joint disease / Degenerative disc disease

2) Spinal Degeneration
 a. Cervical spine
 b. Thoracic spine
 c. Lumbar spine / Pelvis
 3) Extremity Joint Degeneration
 a. Upper extremities
 b. Lower extremities

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