Feedback From "Pediatrics 306"

Posted on Apr 27, 2015

Feedback from "Pediatrics 306: The Injured Young Athlete"

"I am glad that I was a part of this presentation. Dr. Wilson is spot on! He held even my attention the whole time. I really didn't expect for it to be as interactive as it was, but I loved it even more for being that interactive. I really appreciate the hard work that all of you put in to making continuing education enjoyable."

"Dr. T. D. Wilson and all of you at Ccedseminars are doing great! I am interested in growing my pediatrics practice, and this class helped."

"I will be watching your website for the next posting of Pediatrics, and i'm going to be taking the classes that I missed in the recordings. Thanks for having recorded classes by the way! I look forward to seeing y'all in board required, and I am ready for ICB10 classes as well. You Guys Rock!"

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