Feedback from July 9th "Sports Medicine 302"

Posted on Jul 13, 2015

Feedback from July 9th "Sports Medicine 302: Lower Leg Conditions" presented by Dr. Donald Ozello

"This is the kind of course that I look for. Thank you Cced! It is wonderful how Dr. Ozello speaks to his class like he is speaking to a friend. I will be in his next class for sure."

"Dr. Donald Ozello put on a wonderful presentation. His slides are packed full of information, and his notes are incredibly detailed. Some of these slides I plan on professionally printing off and placing them in my office."

"I was in his first class, and I plan on being in his next one as well. His use of the green arrow was nice to have. His pictures were nicely detailed, and he made the class fun! Great Job Dr. Ozello!"

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