It’s the Law: Chiropractic Code of Ethics

Posted on Jan 19, 2015

RULE §80.11

(a) Licensees shall employ their best good faith efforts to provide information and facilitate understanding to enable the patient to make an informed choice with regard to proposed chiropractic treatment. Licensees shall allow the patient to make his or her own determination on such treatment.

(b) Licensees should willingly seek consultation with other health care professionals when such consultation would benefit their patients and when such consultation is considered appropriate.

(c) Licensees shall not discriminate as to which patients they choose to serve on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, creed, gender, handicap or sexual preference.

(d) Licensees shall conduct themselves as members of a learned profession and as members of the greater healthcare community dedicated to the promotion of health, the prevention of illness and the alleviation of suffering. As such, licensees should collaborate and cooperate with other health care professionals to protect and enhance the health of the public with the goals of reducing morbidity, increasing functional capacity, increasing the longevity of the U.S. population and reducing health care costs.

(e) Licensees shall recognize their obligation to help others acquire knowledge and skill in the practice of the profession. They shall maintain the highest standards of scholarship, education and training in the accurate and full dissemination of information and ideas.

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