TBCE Request for Stakeholder Input: CE Probation Status

Posted on Jan 19, 2015

The TBCE is gathering stakeholder input on the below items.


Current Board Rule 73.5 mandates that licensees have their licenses renewed in a "probated status" if they fail to comply with continuing education requirements.  There is concern that the term "probated" and "CE Probation" may imply disciplinary action, which would be inaccurate since CE Probation is NOT a disciplinary action.

Board staff will present this issue to the Board at the February Rules Committee and Board meeting and are looking for alternatives to the term "probated status" in order to propose a modification to current Board Rule 73.5.  Suggestions have included the term "conditional status."

If you have any suggestions or input, please let us know!

Please send any comments for the Rules Committee's consideration to rules@tbce.state.tx.us with the subject "Stakeholder Input."

If you have any questions, please contact Bryan Snoddy, General Counsel, at (512) 305-6715.

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