Up Coming Chiropractic CEU

Posted on Apr 03, 2015

Up Coming Events:

04/07/2015 7-9 PM CT
Tracy Wilson, DC
Pediatrics 305: The application Of Chiropractic To The Young athlete
- Examination and clinical protocols for spinal injuries
- Rehab protocol
- Injury prevention

04/09/2015 7-9 PM CT
Steve Yeomans, DC, DABCO
Whiplash 301: Introduction
PI Definition: MVC & slip/falls
Probability of peer review
Documentation technology options
II WAD Definition
Origins of Whiplash
G-Forces of the vehicle, shoulders, vs. head
Factors influencing Injuries
Head Restraints, Ramping, Rebound, and Rotation
Phases of a Rear-end Collision
Pain Generators

04/14/15 7-9 PM CT
Monte Horne, DC
TBCE Required 1 Hour each of Ethics & Texas Administrative Code
Course Outline:
Ethics & Texas Administrative Code (2 Hours)
Staff considerations
Medical records
Professional conduct
Sexual Boundaries
Electronic medical records
Board complaints
Board actions
Texas Rules & Regulations
03/16/15 7-9 PM CT

Monte Horne, DC
TBCE Required 1 Hour each of Documentation & Risk Management
2 Hours
Documentation & Risk Management (1 Hour Each)
Most common allegations in malpractice
Contributing factors in malpractice claims
Patient records management & documentation
Informed consent
Patient dismissal, discharge, and referral
Risk mitigation strategies

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