Posted on Nov 07, 2017

Join us this evening for Dr. Michael Hall's Neurology Real-Time Live Webinar from 7:00-9:00 PM Central Time.

11/07/2017 7-9 PM CT
Topic: Neurology 322: Review of the Somatosensory Examination
Credit Hours: 2...
Instructor: Michael Hall, DC, FIACN

Course Description: The neurological examination is a key component of the chiropractic assessment and care plan. Over the years there has been much advancement in our understanding of the neurological examination, the interpretation of findings, and the influence on clinical practice. This presentation will identify and embellish the more important tests of the somatosensory examination.

Course Outline:
Defining the examination through a neuroanatomical approach
Attributes of the sensory stimulus
Lowest perceived stimulus and anatomical value
Proper terminology for clinical interpretation

Learning Objectives:
Illustrate clinical enhancement of the neurological examination
Improve of clinical skills
Critical analysis of past and present information
Develop strategies for communicating exam findings

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