Posted on Dec 03, 2019

If achieving your CCN (Certificate in Chiropractic Nutrition) is a goal you have, let tonight's Nutrition webinar be the first step you take.


Our courses are cosponsored by Texas College of Chiropractic, Texas Chiropractic Association and PACE approved.


12/03/19 7-9 PM CST

Course Title: Nutrition 352: Special Topics in Nutrition

Credit Hours: 2

Instructor: Howard Benedikt, DC, DCBCN


Course Description: We should all have a good basic knowledge of nutrition to better treat our patients, and in this 2 hour class we will discuss several chiropractic nutritional concerns that you will see in your practice.


Course Outline:

Drug and nutrient interactions

Pediatric concerns

The microbiome




Learning Objectives:

List how drugs and nutrients can interact in your patients

Identify pediatric concerns so they can be managed properly

Recognize the importance of maintaining the microbiome

Explain the role sugar plays

Discuss nutrition and the autistic patient

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