Posted on Apr 25, 2019

How many of your patients struggle with fatigue? Come join us tonight for Dr. Howard Benedikt's board approved presentation on Managing the Fatigued Patient.


04/25/2019 7:00-9:00 PM Central Time

Topic: "Nutrition 344: Managing the Fatigued Patient"

Credit Hours: 2

Instructor: Howard Benedikt, DC, CCSP, DCBCN


Course Description: Fatigue affects many of our patients and we have the ability to help manage that fatigue through nutrition and chiropractic care. In this class we will cover the impacts of chiropractic and dietary approaches, as well as clinical pearls for evaluation of the fatigued patient.


Course Outline:

What are the mechanisms of fatigue

How fatigue impacts chiropractic care

Managing the fatigued patient

Proper nutrition for the fatigued patient


Learning Objectives:

Discuss clinical pearls for evaluating the fatigued patient

Cover dietary approaches to management of the fatigued patient

Outline considerations for the fatigued patient in chiropractic care

Explain the mechanisms of fatigue


For more information and how to enroll please follow the link.

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