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Posted on Jul 09, 2018

Do not miss out on tomorrow evening's Neurology Real-Time Live Webinar with Dr. Michael Hall.


7/10/18 7:00-9:00 PM Central Time

Topic: "Neurology 329: Clinical Perspectives Surrounding Memory"

Credit Hours: 2

Instructor: Michael Hall, DC, FIACN


Course Description: Many people today are very concerned about declining memory that occurs with age. The socioeconomic burden is considerable and the war is on to reduce and/or prevent conditions related to memory loss. What is the role of the chiropractor, fitness and the musculoskeletal system in memory preservation? This presentation will reveal relevant and scientifically sound information concerning what memory is, how we lose it and what chiropractic can do.


Course Outline:

The burden of memory decline

Facts and figures in the US surrounding dementia / Alzheimer’s disease

Anatomy of memory

Breaking down the anatomy of memory

Where is memory in the brain

Processing and retention

Clinic assessment of memory


Influence of AI on memory

Lifestyle and clinical applications

Assessment procedures for daily practice

Brain games and memory

5 things to do every day


Learning Objectives:

Illustrate the functional and clinical anatomy related to memory

Explain clinical tests of assessment related to memory

Formulate new chiropractic applications related to memory

Integrate assessment and management tools related to memory


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