Tomorrow Evening

Posted on Dec 04, 2017

Do not miss out on tomorrow's Neurology webinar with Dr. Michael Hall.

Tomorrow evening 12/5/17 from 7:00-9:00 PM Central Time Dr. Michael Hall will present "Neurology 323: Myths of the Brain"

12/05/2017 7-9 PM CT
Topic: Neurology 323: Myths of the Brain
Credit Hours: 2
Instructor: Michael Hall, DC, FIACN

Course Description: The 90’s were considered to be the “decade of the brain” in research. From the 2000’s forward the focus has continued to be in the neurosciences and especially higher cognitive function. With research comes conjecture, hypotheses, and opinions of how the brain functions and what that means from a clinical perspective. This presentation will provide the attendee with insight into some of the more entertaining myths and what they mean to us from a clinical perspective.

Course Outline:
The myth of using only 10% of our brain.
The myth of being right handed, creative and sleep deprivation
Myths about technology and food
Myths about thought, belief and mental illness

Learning Objectives:
Further enhancement of our understanding of the human brain
Analyze past and present advances in neuroscience
Critically evaluate beliefs and science as they relate to brain function
Enhance clinical skills thru better understanding of brain health

To register for this course please follow the link below #Chiropractic #Chiropractor #OnlineCE

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