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Posted on Feb 13, 2020

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02/13/2020 7:00-9:00 PM CST

Topic: Sports Injuries 385: Baseball/Softball Injuries

Credit Hours: 2

Instructor: Donald A Ozello DC, CCSM, CCN

Course Description: Baseball and softball are sports enjoyed by athletes of both genders, all ages and all fitness levels. Millions participate in America’s pastime. Injuries that occur in baseball and softball can keep the athlete off the ball field and prevent them from achieving their goals and dreams. This comprehensive course covers the most common injuries to ball players. Shoulders conditions, elbow pain and oblique strains along with other injuries are covered in detail. An in-depth review of anatomy and physiology are discussed. Mechanisms of injury are described in detail. Patient evaluation procedures such as consultation, examination and imaging are included. The class describes chiropractic clinical applications and provides detailed patient education in the prevention and rehabilitation of baseball and softball injuries.


Course Outline:

Detailed description of anatomy and physiology.

Application of diagnostic techniques and clinical chiropractic application.

Patient education strategies for prevention and management of injuries.

Short term and long-term recovery strategies for return to sport.


Learning Objectives:

Develop an increased understanding of anatomy and physiology.

Expand clinical knowledge to properly diagnose and treat sports injuries.

Outline the mechanism of injury of the most common baseball and softball injuries.

Apply prevention and rehabilitation strategies to help athletes return to play.

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