Tonight's Nutrition Webinar

Posted on Aug 25, 2020

Make sure that you remember to register for tonight's real time live Nutrition webinar.


08/25/2020 7-9 PM CT

Topic: Nutrition 361: Wellness and Chiropractic

Credit Hours: 2

Instructor: Howard Benedikt, DC, DCBCN


Course Description: Is there one magic diet out there for everyone? In this two-hour course we will discuss how diet and nutrition impact wellness, and what diet is best for you.


Course Outline:

Is there one diet to follow?

The importance of musculoskeletal health in wellness.

How do nutrients effect nerve function?

The Gut-Brain barrier.


Learning Objectives:

Identify the role that nutrients play in nerve function.

Discuss rather or not there is one diet to rule them all.

Review the gut-brain-musculoskeletal axis.

Outline nutritional scams and their negative effects.

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