Nutrition Feedback

Posted on Aug 18, 2017

We received a ton of wonderful feedback from last night's Nutrition webinar with Dr. Howard Benedikt, and we would love to share some with you.

"Thank you Doc"

"Enjoyed it greatly!"

"This was my first class. The information was broken down really well. Great Job"

"Dr Benedikt's classes are great. I have taken 19 of his classes. I’ve learned a great deal. It has improved my nutritional knowledge and my patient care. The quality and quantity of nutrition in my office improved a large amount thanks to Dr Benedikt’s webinars."

"Great, Great Job Doctor!"

"A ton of great info. Amazing job"

"Great Webinar!"

"Another homerun. Please keep these coming."

To view a list of Dr. Benedikt's upcoming real-time live webinars and online recorded classes please follow the link below…/chiropractic-ce-courses.php

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