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Posted on Aug 24, 2018

8/28/18   7-9 PM CT8/30/18   7-9 PM CT

Topic: Sports Medicine 356: Adult Concussion

Credit Hours: 2
Instructor: Donald A Ozello DC 

Course Description: Concussion in sports has existed for many years. But, recently they’ve received greater exposure in the news. This class details the mechanism of injury in a number of sports that result in concussion. This comprehensive course explores the anatomy and physiology of the brain as related to concussions. Short term symptoms and long term consequences are discussed. Navigation of the consultation, examination and imaging specifics to better diagnosis athletes is explored. This two hour presentation contains educational materials to improve treatment and patient outcomes. You will learn nutritional and training strategies to help prevent concussions and improve recovery.

Course Outline: 

  • Detailed explanation of the anatomy and physiology of the brain as pertaining to concussions
  • Description of mechanism of injuries
  • In-office chiropractic diagnostic procedures and treatment approaches
  • Patient education strategies for prevention, management & return to activity

Learning Objectives:

  • Enhanced understanding of anatomy and physiology of the brain
  • Improve clinical knowledge to properly diagnose and treat concussions
  • Develop tools to better educate patients in prevention and management of concussion
  • Enhancement of skills in the field of sports medicine


And then

Topic: Nutrition 336: Pediatric Nutrition & Chiropractic II

Credit Hours: 2

Instructor: Howard Benedikt, DC, CCSP, DCBCN

Course Description: This 2 hour course will cover pediatric nutrition and chiropractic, fast food, immune system, learning disorders and implications for the musculoskeletal system.

Course Outline:

  • Illustrate the fast Food mania
  • Discuss autism
  • Explain learning disorders
  • Explain the role of vaccinations

Course Objectives:

  • Implement strategies to keep the immune system strong
  • Discuss gluten and food allergies
  • Outline the role of diet and colds
  • Discuss diet and musculoskeletal disorders


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