Tonight's Neurology Webinar

Posted on May 26, 2020

Join us for this evening's Neurology webinar with Dr. Michael Hall.


05/26/2020 7:00-9:00 PM CST

Topic: Neurology 350: Fun with Tunnel Syndromes

Credit Hours: 2

Instructor: Michael Hall, DC, FIACN


Course Description: Peripheral Nerves can easily be compressed and dysfunctional as they pass around bony prominences and between muscular bands. This presentation will discuss the mechanisms of compression axonopathy and dysfunction as well as some of the more popular constructs of the “why” and “how” tunnel syndromes develop and progress.


Course Outline:

Tunnel Syndromes

Neurophysiology of compression axonopathy

Differential Considerations

Clinical Considerations for Tunnel Syndrome Management

Supraspinal and Spinal applications

Neuroplastic strategies

Learning Objectives:

Discuss Upper and Lower extremity entrapments

Recall Lower motor neuron disorders

Outline Postural Syndromes

Point to Research and Best Practices for Tunnel Syndrome Management


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