2019 Legislative Day

Posted on Feb 19, 2019

This year over 500 chiropractors were at the Capital to promote chiropractic to our leadership. The following is a summary of events:

The TCA encourages informed and active participation in government, with the aim to ensure that chiropractic voices are part of political dialogue on issues impacting the profession. Far too often in the development of public policy, the needs and concerns of those that are affected are overshadowed by statistical data, political speeches and high-profile jockeying among powerful special interests. Doctors of chiropractic (DCs) must get involved in the discussions that directly affect you and your patients. Without your voice, others will be speaking for you.

There are hundreds of bills presented in the Texas House and Senate each legislative session, many of which impact you and your practice. This is OUR chance to ensure your voice is heard!

Dr. Horne and Betty Jo were in Austin this past week to lobby for the interests of chiropractors across the state of Texas.

First, we discussed chiropractic education with our legislators. Next, we discussed the safety of chiropractic intervention compared to medication and surgery. Then, we discussed upcoming bills relevant to chiropractic.

The following is a summary of bills that affect you and your practice that we discussed with House members:

1. Clarify our scope of practice as Neuromusculoskeletal.
2. End discrimination by insurers against chiropractors
3. Opioid prescription limitation followed by referral for conservative treatment including chiropractic
4. Ensure fair post payment audits
5. Inclusion of a chiropractor on Combative Sports Advisory Committee
6. Ensure injured workers of their right to seek chiropractic care
7. Protect patient’s rights to chiropractic acupuncture

Please refer to the TCA for more information.

Blessings & Success to all in 2019!
Dr. Monte Horne

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