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Posted on Feb 24, 2015

 Join us tonight from 7:00-9:00 PM CT when Dr. Hall will be presenting "Neurology 302: Chiropractic Considerations of Pain on the Central Nervous System"

This presentation will address the more contemporary understandings of the physiological changes that occur within the central nervous system due to the adverse presence of pain. Frontal and parietal lobe diminished blood flow, hypometabolism, and hypervigilant sympathetic nervous system will be shown. The clinical meaning of this physiological change will be discussed in depth as it relates to chiropractic management, patient outcomes, and prognostic determinations.

Course Outline:
 1.Pain – Types and Characteristics
 3.Central Wind-Up / Dyesthesia

2.Physiology of Pain and the Central Nervous System
 1.Endogenous Modulation
 2.Shift towards Sympathetic Escape
 3.Degenerative and Inflammatory Changes

3.Clinical Ramifications of Unresolved Chronic Pain
 1.Signs and Symptoms
 2.Metabolism / Hypometabolism
 3.HPA / Sympathoexcitatory Circuitry
 4.Depression / Behavioural Disorders

4.Clinical Management
 1.Where’s the evidence for Chiropractic?
 2.Laboratory / Nutrition

Please Join us again for Thursday, 02/26/15 7-9 PM CT when Dr. Yeomans will be presenting "Bullet Proof Documentation 304"

1.Physical Performance / QFCE (Slides)

Discuss the application of observation, palpation, ROM, provocative testing, physical performance tests, neurological tests, and special testing

And Saturday, 02/28/15 9-11 AM CT for Dr. Sandra Norton's presentation of "Radiology 302: Normal Variants of the Thoracic Spine"

1) Thoracic Spine

a. Normal anatomy and common mistakes

b. Normal variants commonly confused with pathology

c. Don’t touch lesions

d. Thoracic biomechanics and common patterns

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