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Posted on Apr 28, 2016

Join us tonight, April 28th, from 7:00-9:00 PM Central Time for Dr. Steve Yeomans' presentation of "Whiplash 301: Introduction to Whiplash Associated Disorders"

Topic: Whiplash 301: Introduction to Whiplash Associated Disorders

Credit Hours: 2


Instructor: Steve Yeomans, DC, FACCO

Course Description: Whiplash Associated Disorder is a complex treatment challenge that requires specialized training to successfully manage. This course series is a detailed study that thoroughly examines all phases of management from intake forms through discharge. In this course you will learn factors influencing injury, how to manage the peer review and how to bullet proof your documentation.

Additionally, head restraints, phases of rear-end collision, and pain generators will be closely examined. This course will take your management of WAD to a new level!

Course Outline:

I. Introduction
1.PI Definition: MVC & slip/falls
2.Probability of peer review
3.Documentation technology options

II. WAD Definition
1.Origins of whiplash
2.G-Forces of the vehicle, shoulders, vs. head
3.Factors influencing injuries
6.Head restraints, ramping, rebound, and rotation
7.Phases of a rear-end collision
8.Pain generators

Course Objectives:
•Internalize common definitions relating to WAD
•Design strategies to “win” the peer review process
•Demonstrate factors affecting injury
•Diagram the phases of rear-end collisions

Dr Steven G. Yeomans began his practice in 1979 by joining his father as a third generation chiropractor in Ripon, WI. He completed a 5-year residency orthopedic program and became board certified in 1985. He accepted his first post-graduate teaching position with the National College of Chiropractic in 1989 and since, has acquired chiropractic post-graduate teaching positions with 7 other Chiropractic colleges. Since 1984, Dr. Yeomans has lectured abroad and throughout the U.S. and Canada on topics including Impairment and disability rating (currently 6th edition), Industrial consulting, carpal tunnel syndrome and cumulative trauma disorders, rehabilitation, whiplash, documentation, physical therapy, outcomes assessment and orthopedics. In the year 2000, the textbook, The Clinical Application of Outcomes Assessment was released by Appleton & Lange. He maintains his private practice in Ripon, WI with a partner and continues to actively write and lecture.

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