Join Us At CCED Next Week

Posted on Oct 16, 2015

Join Us At CCED Next Week For 2 Exciting Chiropractic Continuing Education Webinars From 2 Talented Speakers

Tuesday, October 20th, from 7:00-9:00 PM CT Dr. Donald Ozello will be presenting "Sports Medicine 305: Hamstring Injuries"

Speaker: Dr. Donald Ozello

Topic: Sports Medicine 305; Hamstring Injuries

Credit Hours: 2
•Description of conditions
•Mechanism of injury
•Anatomy & physiology of hamstrings, hips, thighs & knee
•Consultation & Examination findings: Visible, palpable and orthopedic tests
•Imaging: X-rays & special imaging
•Diff Dx
•Intrinsic factors
•Treatment goals
•In-office treatment
•Patient education
•Training modification
•Return to activity

Thursday, October 22nd, from 7:00-9:00 PM CT Dr. Dennis O'Hara will be presenting "Sports Medicine 306: The Shoulder"

Speaker: Dennis O’Hara, DC, DACBSM

Topic: Sports Medicine 306: Common Sports Injuries; The Shoulder

Credit Hours: 2
•Review of anatomy
•Considerations of shoulder pain
•Differential diagnosis
•Diagnostic imaging
•Treatment options

To register for these Real Time Webinars please follow the link…/chiropractic-ce-courses.php
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