Posted on Dec 19, 2018

We received amazing feedback from last night's Nutrition Webinar with Dr. Benedikt, and we would like to share that feedback with you.


"Have a merry Christmas. I enjoyed the webinar!!"


"Great Job Doc. It is always a pleasure!"


"Packed with information!!"


"Thank you for the informative presentation and for answering all of my questions. It was helpful and a great experience."


"All of the doctor's seminars are so informative. the best!"


"I am seeing more and more patients in need of nutritional guidance, and because of this I looked to your courses for my CE. I became hungry for more knowledge on the subject, and your classes (recorded and live) are what pushed me into getting my CCN. Thank you and I wish you continued success!"


"Awesome webinar!"


"Thank you for a good and informative experience"


To see a list of Dr. Benedikt's Online Recorded classes and Up-Coming Real-Time Live Webinars please follow the link. #Feedback #Nutrition #ChiropracticCE

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