Posted on Dec 05, 2018

We received amazing feedback from last night's Neurology Webinar with Dr. Michael Hall, and we want to share that feedback with you.


"Great refresher. Thanks!"

"great hearing you again doc, much appreciation it was great information! thank you!"

"good webinar thanks"

"Great work, Dr. Hall! Thank you for doing the research to prove chiropractic works!"

"really great! Thank you"

"Great seminar, great info, looking forward to more"

"Great lecture! I would love to hear you speak on cross-crawl and "rewiring" the brain"

"Merry Christmas Dr Hall. I wish you every blessing possible this season and a magical year ahead. I wish I had the bandwidth to absorb all of this useful info when I had you in School. I love these classes. I appreciate you very much. God Bless You"


To view a complete list of Dr. Hall's up-coming webinars and online recorded classes please follow the link. #Chiropractic #Feedback #FunctionalNeurology

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