Posted on Nov 28, 2018

We received amazing feedback from last night's Neurology webinar with Dr. Michael Hall, and we would like to share that feedback with you.


“Your class definitely taught me how to deal with anxiety! Thank you for that lesson. I've used it to help many patients”


“awesome job doc!”


“Thanks, sir!”


“Thank You Dr Hall”


“Amazing... Very helpful and not boring”


“Thank you!”


“Sooo useful, Dr. Hall. Thank you so much!”


“you are my favorite presenter, thank you Dr. Hall!”


“Amazing insight on this topic! I'm going to apply this stuff tomorrow!”


“Great webinar! This was the first time I’ve heard you talk. You are highly spoken of by Warrior chiros!”


“thank you”


To view a complete list of Dr. Hall's upcoming real-time live webinars and online recorded classes please follow the link

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