Posted on Nov 16, 2018

We received a Ton of Amazing feedback from last night's board required Documentation & Risk Management webinar, and we want to share that feedback with you.


"Great message!"

"That was awesome !"

"Thank you so much!"

"You two are authentic, educational, fun and a joy to share time with. Thank you. "

"exceeded twice this week, thank you. will be back soon!"

"thank you for doing this so we can be at home with our families"

"Thank you for all you two do. Much appreciated."

"Thank you. Great webinar!"

"thank you!"

"thanks you two!"


"Thank you all! God Bless you all as well!!! I was really blessed by the information you all have provided!"

"thank you. have a great holiday."

"Thank you Dr. Horne and Betty Jo. blessings to you too!"


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