Posted on Jul 25, 2018

We received amazing feedback from last night's Real-Time Live Nutrition Webinar with Dr. Howard Benedikt, and we would like to share that feedback with you.


"great information Doc! look forward to part 2"


"Thank you so much for an amazing class"


"very informative thank you"


"excellent presentation... learned a lot and re-learned some things I have previously been introduced to!!"


"Great Job!!!"


"I love your webinars! I am working on my CCN and taking your courses makes the time and work enjoyable. Thank you."


"Excellent class Dr. Benedict! I learned much."


"i always knew nutrition was important to prenatal care but now i know that how behind the why. Thank you again for an awesome presentation!!!"


"Awesome Seminar Doc!"


To view a list of Dr. Benedikt's upcoming real-time live webinars and online recorded classes please follow the link #Chiropractic #Chiropractor #BoardApprovedCE

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