Posted on Jul 18, 2018

We received tons of amazing feedback from last night's TBCE Required Ethics Webinar, and we wanted to share that feedback with you.


"Greeat! (Tony the Tiger). I greatly enjoyed."


"thank you"


"that was great thank you"


"thank you, see you Thursday"


"thanks for seminar!"


"Excellent presentation as always!!"


"another awesome webinar!"


"Thank you! Good stuff!"


"Thank you guys, always a pleasure"


"Always exceed expectations. Thank you so much."


"thanks for the great seminar. I love my given life choice it wonderful to be associated with positive inspirational people & doctors who want to share their passion with all they meet and interact with. Thank you and blessings to you and your staff and family."


"Another awesome webinar! Good job Monte and Betty Jo!!!!"


"thank you for all that you do!"


To register for Thursday's upcoming Real-Time Live Webinar or to view a complete course catalog please follow the link #Chiropractic #Chiropractor #BoardApprovedCE #BoardRequiredCE

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