Posted on May 09, 2018

We received a ton of amazing feedback from last night's Real-Time Live Neurology Webinar with Dr. Michael Hall, and we wanted to share that feedback with you.


"great job"

"I learned a lot in those 2 hours."

"I really enjoyed this. Will use you in the future."

"You're a legend, Dr. Hall! Thanks for your expertise!"

"thank you"

"Enjoyed the lecture. Enjoyed taking your class at Parker. Look forward to future lectures as well."

"Awesome Job! I really enjoy all of your classes!"

"Thanks for a great seminar"

"Thanks Doc."


To view a complete list of Dr. Hall's upcoming Real-Time Live Webinars and Online Recorded Classes please follow the link #Chiropractic #Chiropractor #BoardApprovedCE #Feedback

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