Posted on Feb 23, 2018

We have received a ton of wonderful feedback from last night's Sports Medicine Real-Time Live Webinar with Dr. Dennis O'Hara, and we wanted to share that feedback with you.

"Thank you for an amazing class."

"Thanks Doc I enjoyed it!"

"WOW! Great seminar and these handouts are AWESOME!!!"

"great job"

"It is always a good class when I leave feeling like I learned something. Thank you, and I will see you again in March."

"A lot of great information. I really appreciate it."

"I was glad to take part in this webinar. You have made a fan."

"This was my first live class of yours (I have taken a few of your recorded classes) and I am glad I was apart of it. Wonderful job!"


"Thank you Dr. O'Hara and CCED. This was a great class in a wonderful format. I watched in my bathrobe while laying in bed. Great information in the most relaxed setting. PERFECT!"

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