Posted on Nov 15, 2017

We received some wonderful feedback from last night's TBCE Required Ethics Webinar with Dr. Monte Horne, and we wanted to share that feedback with you now.

"gave me many things to think about tonight! Thank You Dr Monte and Betty Jo."

"LOVE THIS SEMINAR!!!! I usually take these required hours and want to quit being a chiropractor because they scare me so much!!! thank you for being positive and an inspiration!"

"thanks gang, good job as always"

"Lol. I am from New Jersey. I already met my ethics requirements. The Texas specific info does not apply to me. However, I am glad I came across this course as meeting a requirement. for my state.. You two do a great job together. It was an enjoyable course."

"thank you for this"

"Thank you!"

"Very well done! Even better than last year!"

"Far beyond expectations...thank you so much for the teachings."


"great job as always"

"Good class. I'll be back Thursday!"

"thats great! Thank you guys soooo very much for a refreshing evening!"

"Thank both of you. Y'all always do a great presentation."

To register for the remaining 2 TBCE Required hours presented on Thursday by Dr. Horne please follow the link below
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