Posted on Jun 30, 2017

We received some amazing feedback from yesterday evening's Nutrition Webinar with Dr. Howard Benedikt, and we would like to share some of that feedback with you now.

"Thanks for a great class!"

"Great Job"

"Thank you for an amazing seminar, and for answering my questions. I really appreciate how accessible you are as well as the other presenting doctors. It is nice to know that if I have a question in the future I can contact you for help. Thanks again"

"Another great webinar!!!"


"This was great material that I will be referencing in the future."

"Thnx :-)"


"Thank you Doc. I will see y'all next month."

To register for Dr. Benedikt's upcoming webinars, or to view a list of his recorded online classes please follow the link below.…/chiropractic-ce-courses.php
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