Posted on Feb 17, 2017

We received a lot of wonderful feedback from our TBCE Required classes this week and we would like to share some of that feedback with you now.

"Dr. Horne and Betty Jo, you two make this FUN! I never thought that I would say that I had fun in a documentation course, but I had a blast! Thank you both sooooooooo much!"

"I love you guys!"

"Great class once again"

"Thank You!!!"

"Loved It"

"I've been with you for 3 years now, and I will never go anywhere else!"

"Cced is a one-stop-shop with the best website, classes, and presenters."

"Your whole team is amazing! I received help every step of the way, and when I got into the webinar, I was blown away. Thanks again guys"

"Awesome Webinar"

"Great experience! I love yall!"

"Best board required class that I have been to, period. And I am including the in person seminars that offer free food."

"Y'all Rock!!!"

To take a look at our complete course catalog, or to register for upcoming TBCE Required webinars, please visit our website at #Chiropractic #OnlinceCE #BoardRequired #BoardApproved

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