Posted on Jun 23, 2016

We had a lot of great feedback Dr. Donald Ozello's Sports Medicine course

"As always Dr. Ozello brought a great class and a ton of anatomy knowledge. Loved every minute of it!"

"This was an awesome webinar! Thank you Doc."


"Thanks again"

"I loved the videos!!! I told you in the webinar, but I wanted to say it again"


"Great Job"

"The course was excellent, and so were the videos. I love that you put them on youtube... I will go back to them again."

"Its nice to be in an online seminar that feels like a class that I would take in person. YOU GUYS ROCK!"


To view Dr. Ozello's upcoming classes please visit our website at and to view Dr. Ozello's videos again please visit our YouTube channel. Just search for ccedseminars.

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