Posted on Aug 19, 2020

We received amazing feedback from last night’s Ethics webinar, and we would like to share that feedback with.

“You both just gave me hope may God's Choicest Blessing be always on you both and yours.”

“I cant thank you enough Betty Jo you are amazing Dr. Horne is a very lucky man.”

“Thank you God Bless you both”

“inspirational and thank you for what you do for Chiropractic”

“I always enjoy these presentations!!!” Thank you!!!”

“Thanks guys”

“Thank you. Ya'll did good.   Hope to be back Thursday.”

“Thank you, this has been very convenient.”

“Thank you!”

“Thank you! I always enjoy your classes!”

“Bless you both”

“Thank you and stay healthy also!”

“thank you for your time”

“Many thanks. You are both a blessing & educato”

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