Posted on Oct 16, 2019

We received wonderful feedback from last night’s Ethics webinar, and we would like to share that feedback with you.


“good stuff”


“best ethics course I have listen to in 9 years”


“Thank you, you have a wonderful ministry with what you do!

God bless you guys!”


“Great Job!”


“Thank you for your time doc!”


“Great seminar. Thank you!”


“Thank you for an uplifting and interesting presentation.”


“This was an amazing course. Thank you so much.”


“Thank you Betty Jo and Doc!!! You two are awesome!!”


“thank you for empowering us”


“Thank you, Dr. Monte and Betty Jo, for the time and energy you put into this course. I appreciate the lack of scare tactics (which I was exposed to last year). God bless you both. I'll see you Thursday night.”


“Thank you for the inspiration!”


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