Dr. Michael Hall

Posted on Aug 29, 2017

It is not too late to register for this evening's Chiropractic Neurology webinar with Dr. Michael Hall

08/29/17 7-9 PM Central Time
Topic: Neurology 319: Cervicogenic Hypertension
Credit Hours: 2...
Instructor: Michael Hall, DC, FIACN

Description: Hypertension continues to grow amongst the patient population. There is a multitude of contributing factors from lifestyle to stress. In a recent publication, Medical Hypothesis, the possibility of dysfunction of the cervical spine was looked at as a contributing causation to hypertension. This presentation will explore the information given in this article as well as perspectives for chiropractic practice.

Course Outline:
Cervicogenic Hypertension – a medical hypothesis
From the medical sciences
Strengths and weaknesses of the research
Review of the IML and hypertension
Intermediolateral Cell Column – anatomy and physiology

Course Objectives:
Role of the brainstem reticular formation in autonomic regulation
Perspectives for the chiropractor
Prevalence and research review
Clinical considerations

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