Certification Program

Posted on Sep 17, 2019

CCEDSEMINARS offers postgraduate education leading to advanced certifications. Courses are taught from an approach focusing on factors that support human health and well-being, rather than on factors that cause disease. All courses taught in the Certification Programs are those currently taught at chiropractic colleges and are adapted for the post graduate level. Unlock your potential, expand your practice, enhance your skill set, and gain confidence in your care. Our courses are cosponsored by Texas College of Chiropractic, Texas Chiropractic Association, and PACE.

Online Courses are approved in most states. Please see our website link for your state/province.



Also, Check our website for live webinars in the month of September


Certificate Programs:

48 Hour Chiropractic Neurology

48 Hour Chiropractic Nutrition

24 Hour Chiropractic Pediatirics

24 Hour Chiropractic Radiology

48 Hour Chiropractic Sports medicine


The more courses you take, the more you save! Now you can bundle webinars and recorded classes!


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