Posted on Mar 06, 2020

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Chiropractic and High Blood Pressure, Lowering Hypertension


Chiropractic and high blood pressure are not normally associated, but research is showing positive results when the two are combined for lowering hypertension. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a leading cause of death among adults in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hypertension was either a primary or secondary factor in almost half a million deaths in the United States, just in 2017.


That worked out to almost 1,300 deaths each day for that year.1 Furthermore, most adults with high blood pressure do not have it properly controlled. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that only one in four adults with hypertension (24%) has it under proper control.1


As many as half of the 30 million hypertensive adults who require medication to control their condition are currently not taking any medication at all. Additionally, the burden of high blood pressure is not just in terms of mortality or morbidity. The financial cost of high blood pressure, averaged over 12 years (2003-14), added up to approximately $131 billion dollars each year.


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