Are you HB300 compliant?

Posted on Nov 12, 2014

Are you HB300 compliant? If you have to ask, then you’re probably not. Let’s review a few of the basics of this law and how it affects your practice.
First, HB300 is an expansion upon existing federal HIPAA law that came out of the 82nd Session of the Texas Legislature. The definition of who is a covered entity has been greatly expanded to cover just about anybody who comes into possession or contact with protected health information (PHI).
Further, it also requires training for all employees to occur every two years and within 60 days of the hire for a new employee.
Additionally, it greatly expands the state’s ability to impose administrative penalties against violators by permitting multiple agencies to take action if there is a violation of the law. With penalties that can range from $5,000.00 to $1.5
million, it is more important than ever to ensure there is no unlawful disclosure of PHI.
Since the law took effect on September 1, 2012, hopefully you have taken steps to make certain that you are in full compliance. The stringent penalties and potential criminal charges that could arise are nothing to take lightly.
Plus, your patients deserve no less than the assurance that their PHI is fully protected. It is not just good sense but good business. If you are in need of training or have questions, please contact your attorney.

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